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No.: Tent1-4710
Ukuran(m): 8m(L) × 8m(W) × 4m(H)
Ukuran(ft): 26.2ft(L) × 26.2ft(W) × 13.1ft(H)
Disesuaikan: Yes
Bobot: 280kg / 616lbs
Kemasan(m): 2m(L) × 1m(W) × 1m(H)
Kemasan(ft): 6.6ft(L) × 3.3ft(W) × 3.3ft(H)

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Chinee Inflatable Inc.
Tel: 00 86 20 84044012
Fax: 00 86 20

Chinee Inflatables,a top inflatable manufacturer,sells good price and quality Bounce Houses T2-3203.
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Tent1-4710-1 - Chinee Inflatable Inc.
Customized Design

Inflatable Domes are the most efficient structures in terms of the floor space provided compared with the size of the structure.They are also incredibly robust and can withstand higher wind and snow loads than other shapes.Any size can be customized.


Our Domes are available in a variety of colours. The interior and exterior surfaces do not have to be the same colour.
See chart below for a selection of colours. Other colours are available upon request.

Additional Entrances
Additional entrance/exit openings can be added to a structure if required. Just specify the total number of openings required when enquiring.

Fabric Doors
The entrances/exits of our domes can be fitted with a variety of door types.Fabric doors can be supplied blank or with artwork applied.

Solid Doors
Solid doors are available as single, double, triple or quad units with clear or opaque panels. They can be supplied in a wide variety of colours.

Direct Printing
Artwork can be directly printed onto the dome during manufacture using our own large format printing equipment. Our proprietary artwork manipulation software can take high resolution digital artwork in any file format and wrap it in 3d to produce the perfect result.

Printed Banners
Alternatively, artwork can be printed onto removable banners which are tailored to follow the contours of the dome.

Q: 1.What about size and color?
A: The size and color can be changed according to your requirements or according to the size in our webpage or catalogue.
Q: Can you print my picture or logo on the products?
A: Yes, we can print your picture or logo on the inflatable products, and you can offer the picture in any format made by Photoshop or Coredraw.
Q: Can you design one specially?
A: Yes, send us details and a sketch or a picture of your requirements and we will quote you our best price.
Q: What included in products?
A: It is included inflatable tent, blower, kit bag(including the same colors material, glue),ground sheet.
Q: Producing time?
A: Our regular producing time for 1pcs inflatable games is 6-15 days, excluding air transit time, from the date of confirmation. However, it can be +/- depending on the design and the dimensions.
Q: Shipping?
A: Can be delivery by air or by sea. The approximate transit time by air is 5 business days maximum and by sea 15-30 days.

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